Ambedkar-Phule Network
Of American Dalits and Bahujans

About Us

About Us

The Ambedkar-Phule Network of American Dalits and Bahujans (APNADB) is a vibrant and inclusive community for Dalits and Bahujans residing in North America. Our organization is committed to raising awareness and fostering understanding in mainstream North American society about the diverse and remarkable contributions made by Dalit Bahujans to humanity as a whole. We strive to shed light on the unique challenges and struggles that our community continues to face in North America, fostering a sense of understanding among the Americans.

APNADB believes that the path to harmony goes through struggle, justice, and contributions. We strive to create awareness and understanding in mainstream America regarding the unique challenges faced by Dalit Bahujans, as well as their resilience, achievements, and potential.

Through a range of initiatives, APNADB strives to create a supportive network that empowers Dalit Bahujans and other marginalized people, and facilitates their growth and progress. We organize educational workshops, seminars, and cultural events that celebrate our rich heritage and foster the understanding about the spectrum of communities termed as marginalized. 

We provide resources, mentorship, and platforms for individuals to showcase their talents, share the values and stories. Our goal is the empowerment for continued active contribution towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.

APNADB’s diverse network is passionate about social justice and harmony. Through mentorship programs, community projects, and leadership opportunities, we actively contribute to creating a more inclusive environment. APNADB offers a supportive community that collaborates on initiatives, and develops lifelong friendships with individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.

Together, let’s continue building a more aware, equitable and harmonious America.